Bill Does Everest!


Its been a very long day. On the 5am flight from Dammam and transferred via Doha to Kathmandu. Flight from Doha was rammed. So glad I took business class option as managed to carry on all my luggage. Had a couple of attempts to land due to bad weather. Well it was rough but exciting at the same time. One lady was screaming. Clearly she has never landed into Aberden in February. 😂 Airport was a mad rush for a visa on arrival. Whilst I had my covid pass somewhere, I just waved my phone and it worked somehow to get me through. Years of travelling experience!! 😂. I was expecting more property damage in Kathmandu from the awful earthquake that happened a few years ago. Just shows how life goes on and the resilience of the human race. The taxi had carpet on the seats. Not sure if it would go in my old Porsche but somehow worked. Hotel is great. Well its not the Four Seasons but it has a buzz and rooms are clean with everything I really need. Managed to get my $ changed for Nepal rupees. Now need another case for the cash!! Bit of retail therapy as well as of all things manged to forget gloves! Sitting now having a beer or two at the hotel, wings and thinking my gorgeous wife who kicked off this whole life adventure. She is wonderful. Thank you Tarma. Wont be a late one as travel company enticed me to do some tourist stuff. Visiting a palace and a monkey sanctuary apparently. Far better than an open top bus. All starts 2pm tomorrow with guide giving instructions. Cant wait and feel like a little boy waiting for Christmas. Well will try and spice this blog with pics of the journey and hopefully you will find it interesting enough to tune in when you can.