Bill Does Everest!

Day 12 Trek

This was our last trekking day. Our night in the Chumoa Guest House was comfortable and we managed to get away around 7:30am after breakfast. 

The word I would use for today is soggy. Not just soggy but very, very soggy. 🤣The rain never stopped. Gortex, DWR layers became impervious and we all got soaked. 

At the beginning of the trek the group committed to collect litter on the trail. Its bizzare how many people leave and disgard rubbish. One of the group actually found a walking boot hanging in a tree. 🤣 After 3 bags full of rubbish collected, the guides separated the waste into the bin on the trail. 

We trekked solid for 3 hours. Everyone was getting edgy to stop for warm drinks. We eventually stopped at a tea house.

We left ‘wet and damp’ and headed for the Hill Top Lodge about a further hour away. It was the first time the group ‘marched’. As we approached the Hill Top Lodge, we noticed the trendy coffee shop we frequented on our first day was located adjacent. Half the group piled in for coffee and cookies. It was yummy 😋. 

Post lunch we marched again as all the group just wanted to get to Lukla. It was still raining all the way and it was a relief to get to the lodge. 

We sat in the same seating area as we did on our first day. Everyone found it slightly unreal. We grabbed drinks and commenced the collection of tips for the guides and porters who have been excellent. 

As the solar showers were not in use (simply there has been no sun) the group decamped to pre dinner drinks in the Lukla Irish bar. The Guiness was traditional stout. We ordred chips and peanuts to try to recover calories lost during the day.

Photo’s today again not the best as the weather was poor. 

So our last night on the mountain before the flight from the most dangerous airport in the world. Bring it on. 🤣