Bill Does Everest!

Day 6 Trek

A lye in this morning was offered by our guides until 7:30am. However most of the group were up early as it reached -18c during the night and all windows were very drafty. And its going to get colder!

Todays Trek took us just above Pangboche. It was a 400m ascent to 4800m. We stayed at 4800m to help our bodies acclimatise for 20min. It took us a couple of hours to ascend.

Got some great shots of the surrounding peaks ranging from circa 6000m to over 8000m. Group shots were taken overlooking the valley and all of us had a dabble of hanging off a rock. Its a good job we had a number of experienced members in the team who enjoyed the pose. 🤣

We got back to Peak 38 View Lodge and had a hearty lunch. Veggie burgers and chips became the topic of discussion and few have ordered it again tonight. 🤣

Head cold is going around group and probably a function of the cold weather, close living proximity and the constant changes in altitude. Mood has slightly changed as a result as most are dosing themselves with ‘drugs’. Paracetamol of course. 🤣

Afternoon we were left to our own devices. So most of us headed down to the tiny village to sample the local bakery. It served great cakes, brownies and cookies and we all tucked in to increase the calorie count for the next couple of days. Yummy. 😋 A great surprise was that the owner put on the video called Sherpa. It’s a thought provoking movie on the region, Everest and the impacts on the local community following the 2014 disaster. Worth a watch.

So we all headed back for the shower… well all that can be said it was warm!! 🤣 Its the last one for the coming days. So I am sure there will be a few interesting odours. 🤣

Early start tomorrow as we will be trekking and climbing for circa 7hours to around 5000m.

So goodnight to everyone and today with all the donations the charities I am raising money for, the fund went past the $25000 mark. So many thanks to everyone who has contributed.  Here is the link again for anyone who still wants too.