Bill Does Everest!

Day 7 Trek

Today we packed up early for a 7.30am trek to Lobuche at 5020m. Thats 5km above sea level and circa 600m from where we slept. It was a tough. 

About half way up we met a group of Indian trekkers dancing to some cool sounds. So not being shy, I asked if we could join in. Half the group followed and it was so much fun; albeit we were all out of breath at the end. 🤣

Just before reaching our tea stop in Thukla we crossed a river frogging from rock to rock to get to the other side. It was fun and fortunately no one got their toes wet! 🤣Tea/hot chocolate and snacks were so much needed. It was after all a 3 hour trek at altitude!

Leaving the tea house was a struggle and as we ascended above Thukla we passed through a memorial area to those who have lost their lives on Everest. It was sad and so many different nationalities had plaques to their loved ones. 

The environment had become ever stranger. In some areas it was like a lunar landscape, parts looked like sandy desert, some just vast areas of snow/ice/ boulders and bright blue water holes. 

The weather was cold, windy and there was intermittent snow fall. Everyone was layered up. 

Talking about the environment I was suprised to see geneal rubbish left behind. Today I saw a gillette razor blade, cigarette lighter and an empty packet of gum. To be honest this suprised me as the Napal government has put in rubbish bins along the trail. Simply there is no need for this. Certainly food for thought!!

I was also surprised to see so many horses being ridden on such uneven and slippery ground. I am sure a few have become lame by such extreme circumstances. 

We arrived at Lobuche to some much needed lunch after a couple more hours. The guide asked if any of the group wished to hike for an hour more to gain a further 100m i.e to circa 5100m. So I went along and it was a tough ascent but worth it for the experience. 

Dinner was early at 6pm and most have started to drft to bed because they either have a cold or are totally exhausted. Pleased that the ‘weak one’ has recovered. 👍 Lets hope she doesn’t have a reoccurrence. 

Tomorrow is the big day to Everest base camp. I am so excited. Its a 5 am rise so wont be long to my bed. Hopefully the room won’t be too cold! 🤣