Bill Does Everest!

Day 9 Trek

The night at Gorak Shep was a long one. It was very noisy and to access the toilets/sink required a bio hazard suit. 🤣 The guides had promised to wake up the group members going on the 4:30am trek to view Everest again. For the group members going, most had woken naturally and were walking the corridors in their sleep gear.  However I soon realised with the ‘white out’ outside, we were staying put. So we had a lye in until 6:30am. Yes! 🤣 

So today was the start of the decent back to Lukla Airport. The route we took today was basically the same as the ascent. So we stopped for drinks at Lobuche and lunched in a snow filled ‘bakery’ at Thukla, as the main room was full. 

The weather today was atrocious. Blizzard conditions at some times, with strong cold winds. Footings became treacherous as wet mud started to form on the rocky paths. I just don’t know how the horses cope in such conditions. 

The group coped well and with the reduction in altitude no doubt helped. Everyone wanted a shower;especially one male member who was suffering from a little soreness in the groin area! 🤣

The ‘weak one’ was back in the zone and the lower we got, the chattier she became. I wonder what she will be like at sea level. 🤣

We arrived at our tea house the Everest Trekker at 4200m around 3:30pm. We realised that from Everest Base Camp we had descended over a 1000m. 

The tea house in Pheriche  was welcoming, warm in the common area, running toilet water and a good shower. The food looks good too and I think there maybe a few beers sunk this evening. It would be rude not to and every curry needs such an accompaniment!🤣 . 

Finally apologising in advance about pics. Not as dramatic today due to weather. We are visiting a monastery tomorrow, so hopefully pics will be back to standard.