Bill Does Everest!

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  • Last Day Pics

  • Last Day

    Last night was eventful to say the very least. After dinner and awarding the porters/guides their $ tips, the quiet dinner hall turned into a dancing ‘rave‘ with both Nepal classics that we all learned funny hand movements too and a good selection of old disco classics that showed off the groups slick ‘moves’. 🤣. …

  • Day 12 Trek Pics

  • Day 12 Trek

     This was our last trekking day. Our night in the Chumoa Guest House was comfortable and we managed to get away around 7:30am after breakfast.  The word I would use for today is soggy. Not just soggy but very, very soggy. 🤣The rain never stopped. Gortex, DWR layers became impervious and we all got…

  • Day 11 Trek Pics

  • Day 11 Trek

    What a contrast to yesterday. It was brilliant bright blue sky and the mountains glistened. Some great panoramic shots were taken from Tyanboche at 3840m elevation and we set off for the daunting 17km trek to the Chumoa Guest House at 2860m elevation. Circa a 1000m drop. When you consider Everest Base Camp at 5364m…

  • Day 10 Trek Pics

  • Day 10 Trek

    It snowed during the night in Pheriche and pathways had to be cleared. One of the group thought the sweeping of snow was one of the girls brushing her hair. Clearly he is going for a hearing test when back home.🤣. However the verdict is still out who is the phantom snorer 💤. Votes continue…

  • Day 9 Trek Pics

  • Day 9 Trek

    The night at Gorak Shep was a long one. It was very noisy and to access the toilets/sink required a bio hazard suit. 🤣 The guides had promised to wake up the group members going on the 4:30am trek to view Everest again. For the group members going, most had woken naturally and were walking…