Bill Does Everest!

  • Day 8 Trek – Base Camp Pics

  • Day 8 Trek – Base Camp

    This was the big day to Everest Base Camp. Well I awoke early at 4:30am (excited for what was to come) and headed down to breakfast. I was first in the breakfast room apart from all the guides who had slept there and were just waking up!! 🤣 As a group we finally got away…

  • Day 7 Trek Pics


  • Day 7 Trek

    Today we packed up early for a 7.30am trek to Lobuche at 5020m. Thats 5km above sea level and circa 600m from where we slept. It was a tough.  About half way up we met a group of Indian trekkers dancing to some cool sounds. So not being shy, I asked if we could join…

  • Day 6 Trek Pics

  • Day 6 Trek

    A lye in this morning was offered by our guides until 7:30am. However most of the group were up early as it reached -18c during the night and all windows were very drafty. And its going to get colder! Todays Trek took us just above Pangboche. It was a 400m ascent to 4800m. We stayed…

  • Day 5 Trek Pics

  • Day 5 Trek

    Dreams were the breakfast chatter. Not sure if its the diamox or the altitude but some were scary. 💀 I had some porridge and apple which set me up for the days trek.  I forgot to mention on Day 2 about having left the tap running whist brushing my teeth and being told off (rightly)…

  • Day 4 Trek Pics

  • Day 4 Trek

    The Group were up early to leave the tea house in Namche Bazar. It was a gorgeous morning, clear blue sky and relatively warm. Well I did have thermals on.!! 🤣. Also proud that I topped the 02 saturation at 98%. Amazing what San Miguel can do! 🤣 We kicked off around 8am knowing the…